Gaggle Technical Details

NOTE: Gaggle support was temporarily removed as of Goose 0.17.0 (see Use Goose 0.16.4 if you need the functionality described in this section.

Goose uses nng to send network messages between the Manager and all Workers. Serde and Serde CBOR are used to serialize messages into Concise Binary Object Representation.

Workers initiate all network connections, and push metrics to the Manager process.

Compile-time Feature

Gaggle support is a compile-time Cargo feature that must be enabled. Goose uses the nng library to manage network connections, and compiling nng requires that cmake be available.

The gaggle feature can be enabled from the command line by adding --features gaggle to your cargo command.

When writing load test applications, you can default to compiling in the Gaggle feature in the dependencies section of your Cargo.toml, for example:

goose = { version = "^0.16", features = ["gaggle"] }