Gaggle Worker

At this time, a Goose process can be either a Manager or a Worker, not both. Therefor, it usually makes sense to launch your first Worker on the same server that the Manager is running on. If not otherwise configured, a Goose Worker will try to connect to the Manager on the localhost.


Starting a Worker that connects to a Manager running on the same server:

cargo run --features gaggle --example simple -- --worker -v

In our earlier example, we expected 2 Workers. The second Goose process should be started on a different server. This will require telling it the host where the Goose Manager process is running. For example:

cargo run --example simple -- --worker --manager-host -v

Once all expected Workers are running, the distributed load test will automatically start. We set the -v flag so Goose provides verbose output indicating what is happening. In our example, the load test will run until it is canceled. You can cancel the Manager or either of the Worker processes, and the test will stop on all servers.